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What does a consultant do and how to become a consultant

What does a consultant do and how to become a consultant?


When I was young, I was deeply fascinated by what consultants do. Then, I would ask my Uncle Clement, who worked as a consultant for big companies about what he does as a consultant? He would reply, “I help companies to improve their efficiencies”. What does that even mean? He would go on to explain to me with several industry jargons that I could barely understand, such as ; “bottom-line , drive growth ,engagement , leverage , deliverable , deck” .


There is so much misunderstanding about consultants and what they do. A lot of what consultants do are kept in the dark or in secrecy, and this secrecy makes the job to be very vague and far away from ordinary people. It seems consultants have sworn an oath of honor to guard the secrets of their trade and profession, making it more mysterious for outsiders.


In this blog, I will highlight on what consultants do and how you can become a consultant on levoexpert. I have created this general guide to help you assess your interest in the popular field of consulting.


Who is a consultant?


The word “consultant” comes from the Latin word: consultare – which literary mean: “to deliberate" So, what does a consultant do?

A consultant is a professional who provides expert advice in a particular area such as security management, education, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing, finance, engineering, science or any of many other specialized fields. He/she is usually an expert or an experienced professional in a specific field and has a wide knowledge of the subject matter.


Consultants are paid to share their expertise and knowledge to help solve problems and reach goals in organizations. Broadly speaking, consultants are hired to; help identify problems, reduce inefficiencies, pinpoint solutions, increase revenue, or improve the way a client functions overall.


Why do companies pay consultant?

In today’s competitive business environment, consultants are highly sought after for their knowledge and expertise. Consultants often work independently and as an outsider, they usually bring new perspectives to solve problems that may not exist in the client’s company. As a result, they are paid very high for sharing their expertise.


Where can a consultant work?


Consultants can work in any industry and consulting jobs. Job opportunities exist in every industry which may include:  IT, management consulting, business operation, education, healthcare, accounting, finance, human resources and training/development, technology, branding and marketing, and project management.


What skill sets do you need?


To become a successful consultant, you are required to have very specific skill set; either through your level of education, or years of experience that set you apart from the competition. A good consultant should be equipped with sound: Logical & critical thinking, leadership, communication skills, ingenuity, and the ability to relate with people.


Consultant’s employability:

Consultants are in high demand in every industry and they earn higher paychecks, compares to other jobs. The job outlook for consultants is very bright. Here are the job growth forecast for 2019


  • 14% growth for management analysts
  • 5% growth for human resources specialists
  • 25% for Management Consultants


Salary and Benefits forecast for 2019

Consultant’s benefits usually is influenced by level of experience, expertise, project scope and client.


The top consultants earning 2019:


Entry level consultants with MBA will earn:

$67,591 - $86,181 for management consultants

Senior consultants with 5yrs Experience above will earn:

$147,500 – 250,000 for management consultants


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