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Top 10 Tech News for today

Good day folks! A lot of great things have been happening in the tech world this week. Ranging from the lunch of the long awaited Iphone X to Amazon investing millions of dollars in Whole Food and Bitcon taking a dive of almost 11% loss this month .If you are tech enthusiast, here's the 10 big Tech news you need to know this Thursday.


1.    Elon Musk said Tesla will unveil its new big-rig truck in October. The reveal is scheduled to take place in California on October 26.


2.    There's more evidence that Facebook is secretly building its own voice assistant. An unreleased voice search feature was uncovered in code from a past version of Facebook's mobile app.


3. Amazon reportedly spent $80 million (£60 million) to lure Woody Allen into making a TV series. The company reportedly paid that much to convince Allen to create his six-part, 2016 show "Crisis in Six Scenes."

4. Apple's new iPhones finally come with fast charging, but it'll cost you extra. You can charge the new iPhone


8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X to 50% in just 30 minutes — but you'll need a more expensive charger.


5. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey hinted he turned down an acquisition offer for Twitter exactly 1 year ago. Dorsey hinted at the acquisition offer during an on-stage interview with WPP boss Sir Martin Sorrell.


6. Facebook's Houseparty-like video chat app was spotted in the wild. It's currently available in the Danish App Store.

7. Analysts are super bullish on Apple after the "powerful, lovely" iPhone X. They didn't mind too much about the wait for the redesigned phone.


8. UBS analysts say Amazon is investing money in Whole Foods with the ultimate aim of reaching profitability in that sector. "They are not afraid to invest in the near-to-medium term to drive the flywheel around price, convenience and selection," UBS wrote.


9. Uber's attempt to move its legal fight with Waymo to private arbitration was denied by a US federal appeals court. The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit said the closely watched case should continue in US District Court in San Francisco.


10. The new Apple Watch has a cellular connection, but you'll only get 1 hour of talk time unless you keep your iPhone nearby. The figure was posted by Apple on its website but not mentioned during its keynote on Tuesday.

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