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The workplace is shifting to an Agile workforce.


The workplace is shifting to an  Agile workforce.


The future of work is changing. The traditional workplace model of full time contract in closed cubicles or office is crumbling fast and it’s giving the way to a more talented agile workforce that is ready for deployment anytime anywhere without a desk in a centralized office building under a supervision of a nagging HR-team. The freelancing or the gig economy is exploding and it’s showing no signs of abating anytime soon. The industry has witnessed a tremendous growth giving rise to army of digital platforms empowering a new set of global workers or extended workforce.


The freelancing economy is profitable and worth over $250 billion with average growth of 10%-15% yearly. The US leads the market and accounting for more than 50% of the global market.

In this interview, we spoke to Mr. Moses Og, Co-founder at Levoexpert , a Shanghai based marketplace for independent experts and management consulting platform, he tells us why the freelancing industry is experiencing a tremendous shift.  In the interview, he says; growth in the gig or freelancing economy can be attributed to the following reasons:


Levoexpert: In one of your blogs, you said ," the traditional workplace has remained unchanged for decades" . What do you think is changing the current status quo in the next few years?



Moses Og : Well , I am a big fan of the freelancing industry . I have been working as an independent consultant all my life and these factors I listed below are changing the status quo.




Most talents and experts live in the big cities, where opportunities can easily be accessed. This has led to population explosion in the urban cities like; shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, London, Paris, New York, and San Francisco.  Population explosion in the urban cities means intense competition for opportunities, and resources in these cities. While the government has tried to provide good transportation systems: subways, bus lines. However, commuting to work remains a major challenge to workers due to huge population and traffic problem. Employees spend average of 3hrs commuting between work and homes every day.

The implications of the long hours of commuting to work is devastating to both employers and employees in two folds; loss of productive hours spend on commuting and decrease in employee’s morale‘s and productivity due to the stress of commuting to work.

So, the result is that many people begin to see freelancing as a wise alternative to working full time jobs. The growth of freelancing platforms provide these professionals the opportunity to work from the comfort of their homes without having to go through the hurdles of commuting.

2. Competition:


While competition is good and it’s a necessity for growth. The competition at the city level is intense and draining, especially in major cosmopolitan cities; Shanghai, New York, Beijing, Tokyo, Shenzhen, etc.  It is a world, where dogs eat dogs out there. The level of stress and competition of working in the big cities has led to high level of stress and depression in employees. We have seen reports of employees jumping of the buildings or committing suicides. This is especially true for certain industries. Freelancing marketplaces offer opportunities to professionals to catch their breath and give it all up on the stress and struggles of working for big companies and stress associated with city life.

3. Changing Lifestyle:


Many people want to be in charge of their lives and time. The old traditional working model is rigid, and does not offer flexibility for workers. Besides, many employees do not want to be tied down to a full time contract job in closed cubicle offices under a nagging boss and HR department. They want to make time for other things that are important; family, vacation and their hobbies. They want freedom and it makes sense if they work as independent consultants, freelancers etc. The advent of freelancing marketplaces is helping these new global workers to make the shift to a more independent lifestyles.

4.Freelancing is Lucrative:


When we talk about freelancing, many people usually think the industry is restricted to people who are in the creative industry; artists, designers, dancers, singers etc. Many times, freelancers are seen as lazy people who do not want to work. The freelancing industry is huge and comprises of all sectors of the economy ranging from manual intensive jobs to more professional and skill based service.

However, freelancing marketplaces such as levoexpert , is helping to change the narrative and people’s perceptions towards freelancing. Indeed, many people are now pursuing a more rewarding and lucrative career as independent freelancers.  In a recent survey conducted in the US, an average independent consultant earn between $50,000 to $100, 000 USD in wages.

Freelancers are having a good time, not only they are earning higher wages, but also, they have the ability to manage their time and have overall control of their lives and directions. In a recent survey, 87percent of freelancers felt happier than when they worked regular fixed job.,

5. Independence:


Freelancers or independent consultants enjoy a great amount of autonomy and independence compare to the traditional full time work. The freedom that comes with you working on projects that you like is enormous. Freelancers choose the projects they like and, the employers they want to work with .In other word, they call their own shots .This is the main attraction why many are adopting freelancing. The values the people holds towards, traditional working is crumbling and, we will begin to see a major shift to freelancing

6. Technology  :  


Technology is in the forefront of disrupting the traditional workplace. Technology is the driving force behind the tremendous growth in the freelancing industry, the freelance platforms and their marketplaces will continue to shift the paradigm people holds toward the traditional  workplace and will be replaced with a more agile workforce and enhance the experience of independent workers.


“The future of work will be driven by three forces changing how and where we work: automation and cognitive technologies, which are augmenting how people and machines work together; new workforce portfolios, including full-time, part-time, managed services, freelancers, gig workers, and crowds; and new ways of working. The explosion of smartphones and tablets has created a new way of living and working. With more than five billion people connected to mobile services, digital and mobile connectivity is shifting how we work and the relationship between businesses and their extended workforce -Mike Brinker, global Deloitte Digital leader,”.


In summary, freelance working model is positive, and it is putting power and tools in the hands of global workers to share global wealth that has been traditionally restricted to certain geographical locations, consulting companies, and few people. It has become imperative for policy makers and employers to design new strategies towards how to access global talents that are available across the World Wide Web then integrate these talents or extended workforce into their teams.


More talents and high performing individuals, will choose to manage their time, and how they work and who they work with. Companies who do not embrace the shift will lose out on the talent war just as Nokia lost on the opportunity to innovate on the smartphone business that subsequently led to their demise on the lucrative Mobile phone market.



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