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Microsoft in chat wars with Slack

Microsoft in chat wars with  Slack

When Microsoft entered the market for work chat apps, it created ripples across the industry: $5 billion startup Slack took out a full-page ad in the New York Times welcoming its new rival Microsoft Teams to the party. On Monday, Microsoft offered an update on its progress after six months in the chat wars, with the announcement that there are currently 125,000 organizations — businesses, schools, and other entities — using Microsoft Teams to at least some extent. What those numbers don't say is how many people are using Microsoft Teams: Microsoft's terminology here means that if two people at an organization use Microsoft Teams, it would still count as one of the 125,000. However, Microsoft Teams is part of the Office 365 productivity suite, and Office 365 has 100 million members. In tha...

10 Tech News you should know for today

10 Tech News you should  know for  today

Hello Folks. Here's the biggest news in the Tech industriy ,you  should probably know before  tomorrow . Ranging from Apple’s new Iphone X to Uber’s giving 5000 pounds to Drivers in London. And don’t forget to read our other blogs. 1. Apple's redesigned iPhone 8 will be called 'iPhone X,' according to leaked code. Apple is expected to officially unveil the device in a press event on Tuesday. 2. Google called a New York Times report that female Google employees make less than men "extremely flawed." The report was based on an internal spreadsheet created by Google employees. 3. Nintendo Switch sales are "much stronger" than the PlayStation 4. That's according to Atul Goyal, an analyst at Jefferies. ...

12 Reasons why You Need an Expert advice.

12 Reasons why You Need an Expert advice.

12 Reasons why You Need an Expert advice. Life would be better off, if we had manual installed in our system from birth, and every decision would have been easier to make. But guess what, we don’t have manuals like one of those 79 inches Samsung TV. Often times we are tossed here and there by the wave of life and the effect could be devastating. There is nothing wrong seeking an external help. Sometimes, help from a professional or an advice from a consultant or experts can be the differentiating factor between a wrong decision and the best decision. Experts and consultants are professionals that are well trained in the field and can help you through the period of tough time and difficult decisions. As an entrepreneur, there is no doubt you will arrive at a crossroad whe...