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6~Ways to Make More Money Freelancing

One of the major challenges you will face as a Freelance is having a stable and regular income to afford the lifestyle that you wanted.

During downturn or stagnant periods where gigs may not be stable compare to regular fixed income earners. In this period, you will have few or no gigs to work on and this can affect your lifestyle significantly.

Therefore to be successful as a freelancer, adequate planning is needed  .In this blog, we are going to explore 6 ways you can improve your earnings as a freelancer :

1.Charge what you deserve.


Many freelancers are underpaid not because clients can’t pay more; it’s because they do not know how to calculate their hourly rate. Does your hourly truly capture your worth?

Here is a simple formular to calculate your hourly rate:


"Hourly rate = Adjusted annual salary/ Billable hours per year."


2.Target a highly specific niche.


One way you can stand out is to choose a specfic niche to provide  your services  rather than being a generalist . This enables you to become an expert in your niche.

Targeting  a specific niche, makes it easier for clients to find you.  For instance customers won’t search for “developer” but they will be very specifc in their search and what they are looking for. E,g  PHP developer .

Choosing a specific niche helps you to become better and it adds value to you.
This in turn can help you to charge more fees to your client .


3.Collaborte with other freelancers;


During high seasons you might have lots of work. It’s always a good thing to collaborate with other freelancers that trust. By sharing resources, referring clients to each other for projects, and even collaborating on large, more demanding projects, you can increase your capacity to take on bigger clients -- which increases your earning potential.

4.Maximize the potentials of existing clients:


Having existing and regular cleints ensure a continues stream of incomes – As a freelancer your existing clients should be very important to you because they lead to repeated businesses if you build a strong and healthy relationship with them.

It’s important to commuincate with them about future goals, projects’ needs and major milestones. Having a base of existing customers provide you with opportunities for upselling to them in a non-sleazy and aggressive way.


5.Freelance platforms:


Connect with clients on freelance platforms that match with your freelancing strategic goals. Enlisting your services on freelancing platforms ensures you have access to new clients, thereby increasing your take home income.  Here are my favorite freelancing platforms to get freelancing jobs:



A US based platform for design work and professional services.


A Shanghai based platform, which connects leading businesses, entrepreners, and SMEs companies with over 20,000 experts and firms to meet on-demand business. It’s free for experts to register, and there is no subscription fee.


This is a US based platform for graphic design work and web development.


This is a UK based platform for on-demand work and professional services.


This is a  US based platform for educators. Udemy provides its users with course authoring tools to publish and teach classes online. If you are into education , Udemy is probably the best place to go.

6.Word of Mouth:


The best way you can generate lead quickly is through word of mouth in your cirlce of friends. And you can utilizer social media to amplify your messages; here are three platforms you can use to achieve your goals if you are a freelancer based in China:



Wechat is the best platform in China to reach out to the over 600 million users. Get started by creating an official public account to share information about your services to reach new potential clients.




This is the second most important platform in china to reach out to new clients. It has English version and there are very famous western users like , Tim Cooke , CEO of apple.  Sinai Weibo has over 330 million users.



You can create meetup groups to connect with potentials clients in your target Industry.The major setback on this platform is that you have to pay to create a group of your own.



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