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6~Ways to get Clients for your Freelancing Business

6~ways to get clients for your freelancing business


In previous post, we talked about the “6-ways you can improve your earnings as a freelancer”. In this blog, we’ re going to see how you can increase your client base as a freelancer.


Let’s face it customers are the lifeline of any business whether it is brick and mortal or an online business; freelancing bsuiness is not an exception. To ensure you contniuously earn more than enough to support your lifestyle as a freelancer, you have to consistently work hard to enlarge your client base.


Levoexpert has put together 6 cool growth hacks to make your life easier whether you’re just starting a freelance business, or looking to grow your existing client base without stressing :

1.Create Great Portfolios: In the freelancing world where there are many choices to choose from, your portfolio is the first thing client will see before they contact you.  A portfolio will help clients make up their minds whether to use your services or move on to the next profile.

Therefore your portfolio should contain your best work.


Advice: An impressive portfolio is not enough you should also include:

1.    A well-written brief about your portfolio
2.    A well-written profile stating your experiences
3.    Testimonies from recent clients
4.    Projects case studies


2.Blogging: Good content is the key to attracting clients. When you regularly push out useful contents that help customers to make informed decisions, you willl always be the first person they will come to when they need advice or when they have projects

The key to good content is relevancy. How relevant are your content to your audience. ?

Advice: Don’t blog for the sake of blogging. You should consider the following points:

1.    Know your clients
2.    Your blog should be on point and relevant to their needs
3.    Blog about your area of expertise


3.Writing for others: The importance of writing for others or being a guest blogger can’t be over empahasized. One of the key advantages: you have a wider audience or readers that can become your potential customers. With the Internet, it’s really easy for people to find you through social media and search engines.


Advice:  Blogging for others or writing contenty for others really put you in the front of a larger audience. The following advice could help:

1.    Include links to your portfolios
2.    Make your contact easily accessible
3.    Ensure your names are in the credit


4.Be a guest speaker: This very similar to being a guest blogger . Speaking at events or seminars affords you chance to meet potential clients face to face. At the beginning it might be difficult to get opportunities to speak. Get started at your local chapter of toastmaters, or voluteer to speak for free.


Advice: Speaking at events will help you improve your craft as expert in your niche and put you infront of larger audience The following are good ideas to help you:

1.    Join toastmasters
2.    Host your own events ( use meetup to create group : www.meetup.com)
3.    Volunteer to speak for free
4.    Make your contacts accessible


5.Social networking clubs are great places to meet with clients and new friends either online or offline. I personally prefer offline, even if they don’t come cheap because some reguire you to pay entrace fee that cover drink and food.  

I have found NEC really a good value for money. The attendants are a good mix of entrepreneurs and employees of corporate companies. It’s being managed by a friend of my; Kay Gabriel


Advice : Factor the cost into your hourly rate:

* Hourly rate = Adjusted annual Income/ Total billable hours in a year
*Adjusted annual income = Expected salary + Expenses
* Expenses= cost incured to carry out your services e.g marketing, rent, tools etc

6.Co-working spaces: My eyes got opened when my friend Debo, CEO of Afriscaper, a marketplace for investing in Africa real estate, invited me to his coworking space. It’s incredible the amount of talents and resources available in co-working spaces. The place is packed with entrepreneurs and SMEs who could be your potiential clients. Plus, you can make friends with other freelancers.


Advice : Even if you  don’t have the budget to join a co-working space , you can regularly visit these places to get in contact with entrepreneurs.

Some cool Co-wrking spaces:
Naked hub: https://www.nakedhub.com/en/

Bottomline: It’s all about branding your business and building relationships, which can help you, build a successful freelancing career.

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