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5 Powerful Skills to Build a Successful Career

Every year, hundreds of thousands of employees are laid off due to ever changing workplace and the unpredictable economy. When it happens the experience is not always palatable for those who are affected.


A very good way to get ready for any changes when life and the bad economy throw their dirt at you is to have a solid career plans or strategy that will put you in the place of opportunities. So, your career planning should be a serious businesss of yours and you must take it seriosuly.


Why should you take your career planning personal?

  1. There is an increasing rate of change in our organizations, in the knowledge and skills we need to perform our jobs.
  2. Career ladders are rapidly shrinking or disappearing
  3. There is an ever-increasing need for us to keep learning to keep up with the rapid growth in knowledge

5~ Important skills need to stay competitive


Multilingual skills :Ability to speak several major languages.
Employees who are multilingual or at least bilingual have better chances in today’s competitive workplace. Employers are increasingly hiring multilingual or bilingual employees to lead global team.


Persuasive presentation skills: Employers value the importance of an employee who can deliver key concepts, ideas and information with clarity, passion and confidence. Excellent presentation skill is one of the most important skills you must have as a global worker.


Professional Certifications: There is constant change in the body of knowledge that we need in today’s workplace. Being certified in your profession shows employers you are committed to your profession. Certification gives you the recognition of competency in your job.


Socially savvy: Business is human endeavor. While technical skill is essential for the growth of business, but the people’s side of business plays more important roles than Technology. A socially savvy employee is able to manage complex relationships, create rapport between customers and improve company’s bottom-line.


Negotiations Skills: Every year companies lose billions of dollars in deals due to poor negotiation skills of employees. In business, negotiation skills are important in both informal day-to-day interactions and formal transactions .An employee with better negotiations skills drives better deals for his/her company.

Bottom-line, learning is a continuous process. Your involvement in your own development will foster greater commitment to the process of your career development than when your organization is involved.

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