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5-Key Strategies for Hirng Independent Talents

5-Key Strategies for Hirng Independent Talents


As talent management platforms for hiring freelancers and independent teams become mainstream with the help of technology, it has become much easier to have access to global talents that exist outside your geographical locations. We begin to see the adoption of freelancing working models, and more companies are jumping into the bandwagon by integrating independent teams as part of their talent acquisition strategy. Levoexpert brings you 5-key strategies or hacks on how to manage your independent talents and teams ;


1. Timely and Regular Communication:


Building and mentoring a team is hard, whether it is offline or online. Your team of freelancers is not an exception. For your projects to be successful, the goals and objectives of your projects must be made clear. Team values and projects need to be communicated to your freelancer’s team. A continuous communication will reduce, misconceptions, frictions and factors that can hamper your projects.  


2. Collaborate;


The involvement of key stakeholders and decision makers in the team can be a wise decision. Due to geographical locations of your freelancer resources, management may not see the ROI (Return on Investment) and the benefits of hiring freelance talents. But when they are directly involved in the process, your success rate with your freelancing team triples.


3. Cultural differences:


When working with independent teams, it’s really important to know the vitals.  Asking the right questions give you a good understanding of the local culture of your team and how these local cultures can affect your projects. I usually advise our clients to pay attention to issues of cultural importance; time differences, local culture of your team, local holidays and religious festivals,all these may affect your projects. When I started working with my Indian team of developers , I had no knowledge of the public holidays and festivals in India , my developers didn’t report to work  due to local holidays , as a ressult  the project was  delayed .



4. Hire best fits experts.


There are many talents available on freelancing platforms. So, working with freelancers require adequate planning for your project to be successful, especially during the project scoping phase. Also, choosing the right platform plays an important role. There are many platforms outside there that provides different types of expertise, find the one that matches your goals: Start by talking to customer service to see what types of experts are available .


5.Work with a reliable platform


Finding the right experts and platforms is tough. Levoexpert is the leading management consulting platforms for on-demand work and projects. The platforms provides you with access to a range of resources including access to; over 20,000 vetted independent experts, internal consultants and tips on how to manage your projects and experts .



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